What PCFixKit™ Can Do for You?

  • Repair system and registry errors
  • Free up valuable hard disk space
  • Optimize computer memory
  • Protect your privacy
  • Optimize your network browsing experience
  • Optimize desktop and improve display speed
  • Speed up file access
  • Reduce system startup time
  • Optimize registry restore backups and save space

PCFixKit™ Focuses on Computer Fix and Optimization

1. Fix system and registry errors

PCFixKit preliminarily scans and detects registry errors on your computer system. Your system registry will get a problem when an unexpected situation happens. As we all know, the registry is a complicated and important database that stores the information and settings of hardware and software and is important to the proper functioning of your system and application. No matter what Operating System your computer is running on, Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8, any single issue could lead to registry errors, system freezing, blue screen of death and other kinds of computer problems. PCFixKit can find and repair those issues and improve system stability and performance.

2. Speed up system startup

Does your Operating System take a long time to start when you turn it on? That’s because there are plenty of processes and software starting automatically with your system. And you may find that your computer freezes at the startup. Actually, you do not really need so many software immediately at the startup. So with PCFixKit, you can disable some of them from system startup and reduce startup time.

3. Clean up your private information

The trace of your activities on your computer and Internet tell other people a lot about you. What websites you visited and where your important file information is saved are the favorite of those people with malicious purposes. PCFixKit cleans up your private information to better protect your privacy.

4. Optimize your network speed

The Network Optimization tool of PCFixKit enables you to optimize your network speed, maximize your network performance and improve your browsing experience.

5. Optimize hard disk cache

By optimizing your disk cache, the computer system can better allocate the system resources, ensure the memory needs of computer programs and prevent system freezing.

6. Improve file access time

Do you spend a long time accessing a file? With File System Optimization tool of PCFixKit, your Windows system can optimize boot partition automatically and reduce file access time. You do not need to wait for a long time to access your file.

7. Improve desktop and Windows refresh speed

If you install many software and put many software icons on the desktop, your desktop will take a long time to load them and refresh. PCFixKit helps you reset icon cache and improve desktop and Windows refresh speed.

8. Tidy up your hard disk

Your Operating System and programs create a lot of temporary and junk files when they are running. If those files clutter up your hard disk, your computer will become slower and affect computer performance in the end. So PCFixKit helps you clean up those temporary and junk files and speed up your PC.

9. Manage registry backups

A registry backup enables you to restore your registry to a previous configuration. This tool will be very handy when you create a registry backup or restore your damaged registry to a good state. You can also delete unneeded old registry backups.